How do I search for custom fields through API

These questions are directly related to/through the API:

  1. Where do we see the custom fields as they relate to their ID #? Please see screen shot. Right now there is nothing describing the ID #. Is there a query am I supposed to run through the API so I know where to grab all the custom fields and their names? In other words, is there an endpoint in the api to know the custom fields?

  2. Just in case…is there an option, to map/add/change the info (in the screen shot example) so it says:
    “ID”: “2”
    “Content”: “21738”
    “CustomFieldName”: “zipcode”

  3. How do we update a custom field through the API. for example, one custom field contains a list of the member categories - silver, gold, platinum, vendor. They can only be in one level at a time so the custom field format is radio buttons. what do I need to do to change their status level from silver to gold in keap?

Use the 2nd option to pull the ID and the CustomField Name.
That will give you both the CustomFieldiD (2) and the CustomField Name (zipcode).
The ‘core’ fields in Keap don’t have IDs … they have names, like Contact.Id, Contact.FirstName, etc.
Anything with an ID number is a custom field.

With the ‘how do we update a custom field’ … if you are just looking to update the value, you would just Update a Contact and set the custom field to the value you want (Gold, Silver, etc.)