How do I manage my images and delete them?

I want to upload a new version of an image and it says it’s a duplicate. I don’t want to have to rename it everytime, how do I access all my images so I can delete some? It shouldn’t be this difficult to locate.

I have the same question!

Goto your dashboard and there should be a ‘files’ tab. Click that and then click the company tab to manage the files stored under your company.

I don’t see the dashboard on my screen

Hi, @Rebecca_Bratz,

So you have the new version, now known as Keap. For Keap, if you click on the lower left K icon, that is the dashboard for Keap. I’m not sure that there is a files option for Keap. You can manage a contacts files on a contact record but I don’t see anywhere to do that with your company branding other than being able to upload images.

Are you able to look into why test emails are not being sent to me for review?!!!

It’s a Known Issue at the moment, @Rebecca_Bratz. They’re working on it.

Cool, thanks Cheryl.

I have the same issue with my images. There a way I can edit my files and images in Keap pro?


You might want to put this in the Keap forum. This forum covers Infusionsoft By Keap so the answer to this post from a year ago is different than it is for you (which is to say you can’t manage them in KP)