Clean up Image Library

I’m new to InfusionSoft and have taken over an old account from my predecessor. There are tons of old images in the gallery and I’d like to clean them up. How do I edit the images already uploaded? Also, is there a way to give them a file name so I can easily search for those I am looking for?

Hi, @Kellie_Aucoin

You can edit the images in any image editor and then just upload them with the same filename and it will ask if you want to over overwrite the original or save it as a new image.

You can click the “Rename” link next to an image and rename it. If you have a bunch of images and want to keep them somewhat organized, you could prefix the names with something like, April Newsletter - Image 4 or whatever makes sense for your use case. Then, just sort the name column and everything will be neatly organized.

If your question is more along the lines of how do I use an image editor to modify an image, we can definitely give you some suggestions there too.