How do I integrate Respax & Securepay with Infusionsoft?

Hi everyone!
My client uses Respax and Securepay to take bookings for their travel tours and give live availability. Respax is also used by other distributors selling their tours so that they can see live availability and make bookings.

Does anyone know the best way to integrate this with Infusionsoft for the purpose of automating inputting customers into the CRM and triggering marketing automation and campaigns for new customers?

Thank you


Good afternoon!

If you are looking for a Developer Partner to work with you on this, we do have The Marketplace available for you to peruse!

Should you wish to start coding yourself, we have a variety of resources available for those that would like to develop on the Infusionsoft API, most of which are accessible through the Infusionsoft Developer site.

– The Infusionsoft API Development Team