How do I get my Order ID back on my Receipt/Invoice?

My product licensing is build around the Infusionsoft Order ID (not the Invoice ID) but with one of the last updates, the Order ID is no longer available as a merge field. The shortcode ~Order.ID~ which worked in the past very well, shows now not the number, just the code ~Order.ID~.
How can I get my Order ID on my receipt or invoice without using the merge field function?
Any help would be appreciated. I’ve contacted Infusionsoft support and they couldn’t help me.

Hi Julia, I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble. Just to make sure I am on the right track are you going to E-Commerce > Settings > Quotes & Invoices and using “Enable payment collection on Invoices”

Hello Amanda,
thank you for your answer but I am not sure how that will help me to get the Order ID to show on my receipt?

Sorry, I am just clarifying if this is what you are trying to add the Order ID to?

I just like to be able to have the Order ID show up somewhere so I can provide the customer with it automatically,
If it would be the receipt after successful purchase, that would be ideal, but I would also go with a custom template or wherever I can get that Order ID to be displayed on.

Got it. You can setup the Receipt by going to E-Commerce Setup > Receipts this will send the Order Number

If you are sending the Invoice after purchase it does send the Order # even though it’s titled as Invoice#
E-Commerce > Settings and then click on Orders from the left side menu > Email Invoice upon successful payment


These currently are the only areas that the Order Id can be sent.

Since when is the Order ID the same number as the Invoice ID?

Back in the day when we build our licensing, we were told that the Order ID and the Invoice ID are not the same. And the second we would add a subscription, the invoice and Order ID would be no longer the same.

Can you confirm that this is no longer the case and that the Invoice ID and Order ID are the same 100% of the time?

You are correct that it used to be this way. We have recently corrected that issue so that they are all the same.

Ok, but that information is not correct.
I just pulled this from one of my accounts 2018-02-06_1353
As you can see, they Invoice ID and Order ID do not match!

Who can I talk to to get that corrected for my applications?

I am looking into that for you.

I’m having the same issue —has this been solved yet?

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