How do I delete the infusionsoft outlook plugin?

I have called support and have an incident ID (00906958), but have not heard back for over a week. I cannot delete it using the add/remove programs in Windows 10 through the control panel. It seems to now be crashing my outlook when I try to start it. Any insight would be appreciated.

I assume then that you are using a local instance of Outlook?

Hi @John_Baisch

I worked with our Advanced Support team, and quickly tracked down your case. We have had an advanced rep looking into the issue, and working to see how to get past this error and get everything resolved.

I apologize for the lack of response. I have asked that we send out an update to you, and let you know where we are at.

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It’s been almost a month since I logged a call with Infusion soft – case number 00906958 to get help to delete the outlook plugin. No matter what I do, I can not get it deleted using the standard windows add/remove programs or delete the addin. I walked through steps with a support rep, I think was named Danny and she said that someone would get back to me. No response or follow-up from Infusionsoft and no resolution. Everything I start Outlook it prevents me from seeing my email until I close the app. Is there anyone that can help?

Hi John. I took a look at the case and one of our Advanced Support team members named Ron sent an email your was asking to schedule some time to look into your issue. I am going to have him reach out to you again as we want to work with you to get this resolved.

Thanks James, Please feel free to give Ron my email address. I just checked my inbox and have only received an email from John Borelli on the 10th asking me if I’m using a local instance of outlook. I responded “Yes” and I haven’t heard anything back since. I’d like to get this issue resolved as it pops up every time I launch outlook and prevents from getting to my email until I close it out. Getting very frustrating. My email address is

Still no work from Ron… Would like to get this removed from my PC.

Hey John. Can you private message me the best number to reach you at. I know we have had some issues with sending emails your way and Ron wants to get reached out to you.

Certainly, not sure how I can PM you without your credentials. My email address is

I’ll send you that PM to get your best number. You should get a notification here in the community and via email to access the PM to reply


After a month I still do not have my issue with removing the infusionsoft outlook plugin resolved. Can you find someone that can help me with this? It’s becoming a real nuisance.



Hi John,

Ron from our Advanced Support team sent out a few pieces of communication to set up time to speak, but it looks like the case closed after time of no reply. I am having Ron follow up again to try to assist with this. From what I can tell from looking at the case, something was corrupted during the initial attempt to uninstall, which may prove difficult for us to help if something in the windows registration is corrupt

I have spoke with Ron to let him know that while the case went unresponsive, that you came by community again, and I have reopened the case.

*Update, Ron did let me know that he had an email from you in his inbox from his day out of office. He will be replying shortly.