How do I change the background color of a text block?

In Design, I can change the Email Background Color, but this changes the whole background color. Is it possible to change the background of select blocks? Thank you.

Only for an HTML block, unfortunately @Hillary_Joven

Aww. That would be a good feature to have. Thanks Martin!

Hey Martin - I’m not an HTML guru, but I’ve been trying to get an HTML block to have a different background color and Infusionsoft always strips it away (I’m using ) – what is the proper way to do this?

Sure, @Matthew_Guevara. The trick is that the code has be XHTML compliant. Here is an example HTML block with a red background: HTML code not showing in broadcast email - #2 by martinc

And here is an explanation of the XHTML/HTML5 discussion that was causing everyone so much grief. :slight_smile: Background html - #10 by martinc

Thank you!

Hey Martin -

Is it possible to track links / tag links that are in the HMTL snippet? It appears they are not - they look like direct links that do not pass through the same process as links outside of an HTML snippet.

You can use legacy “Action Links” that do the same thing and then just merge them into any email. Just set up the action link and then go to Marketing > Templates and create an email so that you can merge in the action link to get the merge code. Then, copy the merge code and you can paste it any email.

I found an old YouTube video of someone setting it up