How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I cancel my infusion oft subscription?

Hi Steve
If you are an admin on the account, you can put the cancellation in directly from your application in the Admin>Billing & Account section.

Hi James
I have for that but no one has contacted me or sent the forms that needs to be filled out to cancel my account

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@Steve_Welch, I see the request came in at 10:46 AZ time last night. Someone will contact you by the end of today or tomorrow morning - one business day.

Hi Steve,

I saw that your request was submitted and one of our CCMs is getting everything in order to get reached out to you. With the time difference, he wanted to be sure we were not reaching out in the middle of the night. I just spoke with the Customer Care Manager assisting with the cancellation request and he said he was going to be reaching out shortly. If he happens to miss you, he will leave a VM and send an email your way.