How do I add emojis to email subject and body

I’ve tried to add emojis but it just doesnt seem to work. any clues guys???

You can only use imoji’s in subject lines. It prevent collation in the database from functioning properly when in the body so it gets specifically filtered out.

Thanks John. But I can’t even add them to subject lines. Is there a trick to this??? Cheers Learne

You have to use this: CyLog Software - UTF-8 to Java code converter

Grab your emoji from here: Full Emoji List, v15.0 highlight the browser version>> copy it>>paste it in the converter>> Grab code from converter and put it in the subject line of the Keap email builder BEFORE you put the rest of your subject line in.

Send a test email to see if it works.

Here’s a good blog for step by step: