Can you use emojis in emails

So my company wants to test out using emojis in the subject lines of our emails. I ask IFS if it was possible and they told me to ask the community.

Have any of you had success? If so how did you go about adding them?

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Yeah, @Daniel_Bussius has an article on it:


Thank you!

HI there, has anyone tried his tutorial? It didnt work for me. Or if there is any other way to add emojis to subject lines?

@Raine_Boyd, It didn’t work for me either so I created an article a while back that should work fine.


Perfection! Thank you so much!

So… I’ve tried both solutions to no avail… I tried using =?utf-8?Q?=F0=9F=98=A2?= on my subject line and it does nothing. The test on my gmail inbox show the code instead of the emoji.

Your code worked for me, @Daniel_Monge


Waaahhh?! How can that be?


I’ve tested sending from infusionsoft (the second email) and sending from myself (the first one).
The code does work, but not when I’m sending it from Infusionsoft.
That tells me that I should turn some kind of configuration on for it to work. Do you know where it is?