How can I solve captcha issues?

Is anyone here to help me solve captcha issues?

By “captcha issues” you mean?

  • I don’t want captcha
  • Captcha is affecting my customer experience
  • Captcha is incorrectly preventing form submissions
  • Captcha is allowing spam submissions through

Lot’s of issues I’ve heard about so what are you experiencing?

Hello John.
Thank you very much for your answer.
I have use capcha for many faucets where I collect small amounts of crypto coins from my account and pretty good amounts from the referrals that I brought in them.
But the biggest problem is that many sites I work with them, mostly mining, they need captca to login.
I have a lap top which is slow, so I bought a pc box and I work with to pc now, from the same IP.
This is perhaps the problem that they see two pc IP, from the same house IP and they thing it is a robot.
Im despertly looking for a solution to this issue, because I want to login and show some sites to affiliates and I can not login to use my ref link.

I’m still a bit unclear to what’s actually happening. I get that maybe 2 systems on the same public ip might be a thing…but what is it doing? Completely preventing login? There are a lot of other things that could be the culprit if that’s the case. cache settings, security settings etc in your web browser…new systems often have these little configuration quirks to work out so it would be too much of a surprise.