How can I set up a notification for when a customer purchases over a certain amount of money?

I was just digging through my client list to find out what’s being purchased, how often, how much money is typically spent per package, etc. and noticed one women made a HUGE purchase 6 months ago and then never purchased again.

We totally missed that. We hadn’t tracked that she was a big spender and we definitely didn’t track that she stopped spending.

Is there a way to avoid something like this? Send our sales rep or marketer an email when someone spends, say, over $500? Or when someone is consistently buying, even if it’s small amounts?

I tried figuring out how to do that with flame scoring, but that seems more set up to let sales reps know when to push the customer to buy for the first time.

So help me out, please. I’d like to avoid losing customers who were obviously once interested.


Out of the box there really isn’t, though you could do a monthly report that searches for only purchases greater than a specific amount.

It is possible to write a PHP script that when an order is created, the HTTP POST widget calls the script and if the amount is over a certain number then raise a tag. Once that tag is raised you would have control to do a whole lot more, including notifying someone.