How can I offer free shipping on orders over $49?

Could you please help me figure this out?

I would like to offer free shipping on orders totaling over $49 using the Infusionsoft shipping cart. All orders under $49 total should display a simple $8.99 shipping rate and all orders equal to or over $49 would display $0.00 shipping.

I have been using the “Order-total based shipping” method. I set the default value at 0.00 and orders between $1-48 equals $8.99 shipping.

The problem: The $8.99 rate displays correctly. But when a customer purchases over $49, the $0.00 shipping rate does not appear and the shipping option disappears all together.

How can I fix this? Surely there has to be a way to offer free shipping under certain criteria.


Hi Daniel - On the “Order-Total base shipping” you can click “Add Rage” then you can set additional criteria for orders that are over $49

Here is how that would look

Thanks for your quick response Amanda.

I have used your exact settings from your screenshot (except I entered $1.00 instead of $48.00 in the first range) and it does not display the 0.00 shipping value in the shopping cart. Here are two screenshots to illustrate. Let me know if you know of a workaround or another idea? I think Infusionsoft should fix this as it seems like I’m not the only one who will want this. :slight_smile:
For order totals under $49—notice that the $8.99 shipping option is listed.
For order totals over $49—notice that the $0.00 shipping option is not listed.
Any workarounds you’d recommend? Thanks again!

Isn’t that the result you wanted? If it’s $49 or higher they would have free shipping?

The Ship by Order total isn’t displayed only the Express Mail.

If you had an amount it would display but since you have it as 0.00 it wouldn’t be an option since it’s free.

When I click “place order” without selecting a shipping option, a pop-up message says I must select a shipping option. So a customer, instead of getting free shipping, would be forced to buy the more expensive “express” shipping.

Your idea would work if I eliminated express shipping–which I may do to get this to work. It’s just not ideal as I’ll only have one shipping option for customers.

It’s also strange that the other shipping options do display $0.00 values–like the flat rate shipping. Here’s an example. This is what I would like to be displayed for customers who qualify for free shipping.

Thanks again. If there are no other solutions I’ll just use the one shipping option.

The Express Mail you have set is for the Product Weight. Which would be offered regardless of the total order because of the weight.

Based on your initial question it sounded like you wanted to charge orders under $49 a $8.99 shipping amount. Over $49 would be free.

Are you wanting to offer more shipping options if an order is Over/Under $49?

Hi Amanda,

Yes. I’d like to offer express shipping (not free) and first class/priority (free over $49) for every order.

For customers who want things faster, we’d like to offer express mail (1-2 day shipping). This would be available regardless of the total order amount and would never be free for the customer. If a customer doesn’t need a fast delivery and orders over $49 in product, then it would be nice to allow them to pick the $0.00 first class/priority option.

It seems to me like there is something wrong on the Infusionsoft end if the flat rate method displays $0.00 during checkout, but the Order Total method does not. Could that be? If so, is there a way to request a fix?

Thanks Amanda.


Did you ever get a response for this issue - I am running into the same issue and was wondering how you resolved this. Thanks!