How can I find what campaign a form belongs to?

I am managing a website and campaigns I didn’t create and there is very little documentation. I am trying to figure out which campaign a form called Website Interest belongs to.

I filled out the form on the webpage and see that it posted the form “Website Interest” to my Contact Record. The default thank you page was displayed. I checked my contact record’s campaign tab and see nothing. I think this may be an orphaned form (campaign with the form may have been deleted but the form is on the website.)

Is there somewhere else I can check?

Thank you

This sounds like it may be a “mid campaign” form goal… When you fill out the form, you said you aren’t seeing anything in the contact campaign tab right? But do you see it in the contact’s Form Submissions section? If this is a mid campaign goal only achievable by contacts in that specific campaign it may prove a little difficult to track it down without looking in some campaigns to find it.

Thank you, James_Mefford.

There is a submitted “Website Interest” form on my contact record. I have looked through the campaigns but didn’t find the form in any - hence my question about where else I can look.

Is it possible to have an orphaned form - a form that no longer belongs to a campaign? How does IS behave in this case? Does it accept the form and do nothing. Does it return an error code somewhere and if so where?

Thank you.

It’s unlikely that it’s an orphaned form, as you are not receiving an error when submitting. I can’t believe I forgot, but maybe it is a Legacy Webform. If you have Legacy in your application, navigate to Marketing>Legacy, and then when the page loads, you should see ‘Legacy’ on the nav bar. Hover over this and select ‘Legacy Webform’ and see if it appears on a potential list of legacy webforms you may have. Let me know if you find it there.

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Yes, it’s in the Legacy Web Form list, along with a few other! I’ve never
looked here before. When someone submits this form, a notification email is
sent to someone in my company and the default thank you page is shown.
Exactly the behavior I noted. Plus I see a few fields (Leadsource and
Person Type) are set. Thanks.

Now, I have to see what the other Legacy web forms do.

Are there any documentation best practices that are recommended to keep
things sorted out? Perhaps a spreadsheet template that can be used to keep
track of which forms are on which webpages and belong to which campaigns?
Which tags are triggering sequences in each campaigns? Which thank you page
url is used by each form? That sort of thing? I started trying to fill out
my own but am not convinced I have the optimal one yet.

One of the best practices would be to label you webforms in a way that your internal team will recognize them, as an end user would not see the name of the webform. The recommended place for webforms are of course in campaign builder, as opposed to the old “legacy” forms. One idea for a naming convention would be to include the Campaign ID in the webform label.

The campaign at that point would be the resource you could reference to see what happens when a form is filled out. The “Legacy” forms, follow-up sequences, and legacy campaigns were replaced by Campaign Builder to combat the struggles customers arrived at, over time, of needing things more organized, and easier to build out.

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