How can i create a product subscription on a contact?“mytoken”
the call does not have any field where contact_id should be passed?

Is there any another process to do that?
do answer.please…

the specific endpoint URL you mentioned is to create a subscription for a product not for a contact, e.g in your URL it will create subscription product of product id 1

but i need to create subscription of a product to a contactid how would that be passible?
can you tell me the endpoint?

i don’t think you can create via REST, you have to use legacy XML-RPC requests

Correct, the REST api doesn’t provide for subs yet. The SDK can be used in a couple of ways to do so though.

Any news on this? I need users to be able to buy subscriptions from external site



Adding subscriptions via REST was added last year I think. Keap REST API

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