Hi, I'm Jason from Slovakia and I help others discover the hidden medicine within their bodies

I’m passionate about Chinese martial arts, particularly the internal arts and their ability to help people tap into their immune and nervous systems to resolve all manner of ailments.

I began learning Chinese martial and healing arts in 1993 and started teaching TaiJiQuan and QiGong in 2006. I have literally just opened a brick and mortar healing centre in Piestany, Slovakia and am working hard to provide value to my local community and to help people around the world.

On my journey I’ve met many incredible and inspirational people as well as picking up lots of experience in Personal Training, Physical Therapy and other related areas. I continue to learn and grow.

I’m excited about getting results with Infusionsoft, but at the moment it seems like a slippery beast to get to grips with, (a little like TaiJi). Practice, practice, practice (and useful advice from the wonderful people who have already been where I am now).

My mission is to be educating 10,000,000 people per day in the benefits of TaiJiQuan and QiGong by April 30th 2023.

I believe that working with the infusionsoft system and being involved in this community will help me fulfil my mission.

It’s great to be here.

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Welcome to the community, @Jason_Dean

Thank you Martin :slight_smile:

Hi, Jason. Welcome to the community. You have quite a mission and vision.

I am also new to Infsionsoft. I have a real estate team in Houston, TX, affiliated with Coldwell Banker United, Realtors. We’re using InfusionSoft to nurture leads from BoldLeads, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com. etc. We selected the Greg Harrelson campaigns and have been working with GetUWired to implement the solution for us.

Thanks for the reply Victor. Sorry for my late reply, I’m surprised to see I haven’t logged in here for 25 days :blush:

It’s good to hear about what you’re doing, how is GetUWired working for you results wise?