Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for having me!

We’ve “owned” InfusionSoft since 2016 but unfortunately, we didn’t get our first campaign up and running until a year later - BUT, slowly but surely, we’re getting there!!

I’m curious to know if there are any other Contractors (or a similar industry) - We have 2 very different businesses.

One is Historical Restoration/Painting/Carpentry
The other, Cheer-leading Gym :smiley:

Yes, I know - Quite different.

Anyone that is using IS for either - I’d love any/all feedback you may have?

Cindy Glover
Office Manager

Hi Cindy! You might enjoy chatting with Anjie Roberson, she’s an Infusionsoft consultant, but I know she has a background in coaching cheer teams too!

Send me a message at greg@monkeypodmarketing.com and I’ll connect you with Anjie! Or, you can sign up for a strategy session on her site: http://www.albacontech.com/

Thanks Greg!