Hi fellow smart dynamic sales and marketing automation lover

I’m a mum of 3 kids who are my reason for having a home based business on the web since 1996.
I completed a Uni degree and was working as a Registered Nurse and fell pregnant. A pregnancy with complications led to me needing to be at home and using the www to research… considering the very first webpage was live in 1991. In 1996 there was not a lot online - so I created a support site for other mums, which led to community groups, webpages, my own website and web development business and much more… fast forward to today and there are millions of webpages and the noise and misinformation is rife.

I fell in love with Infusionsoft in 2010 when I setup my first client on the app - 7 years later I’m still servicing the same client and many more have come and are now self sufficient or are still with me…

What amazing growth I’ve seen in Infusionsoft and I believe in what Infusionsoft stands for so much so I became a Certified Partner in 2015 so I could ‘get more gold from the insider view’ Soooo glad I did and kinda wish I had done it sooner.

I’m always evolving in what I do in the www space and there’s much evolving in this dynamic space…
With the various businesses I have worked in, I’ve seen the failings and what stops them from growth.

It’s ‘simple’ really what they need, however for most business owners who are time poor and not tech savvy - it’s daunting to launch into ‘something new and unknown’… this is where I step in and guide them through the steps to see their dreams and goals for their biz to come to fruition. We work together to develop their online footprint so their desired raving fan comes to join their community and take advantage of their amazing product/service for personal gain. Developing authority and recognition by presenting themselves on the web using efficient systems.

To break the ceiling limits of time poor business owners…
it’s simply

Having the processes documented - if this happens then what -
Having sales and marketing automation to get leverage of time.
Having a mentor/coach who has experience and runs on the board
(NOT A: I’ve done this once and I’m an expert popup business)

Invest in the right person for your business needs and you will see massive ROI.
Glad to be here and look forward to the sharing of some great info among fellow Infusionsoft users.

Onwards and upwards we go with ease
Thanks for reading
Lyndi :grin:


Thank you for sharing your story, @Lyndi_MacRae! Welcome to the community.

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Proud of you and your journey Lyndi! :slight_smile:

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Thank you… I have loved watching Monkeypod become and feel honored to have observed the journey…


You are welcome and thankyou… glad I finally got here…

Observed the journey?! You’re basically a founding member. :slight_smile: