Here's one for Ya's!

Do any of you use an integration to make voicecalls/leave voicemails?

If you do, how do you use it and what do you recommend?

I use SlyBroadcast to leave voice drops on cell phones (use this link and get 100 free credits)
You can do a direct HTTPs post to their system to trigger — no other integrations required.


I realize this is a question that is obvious, but I need to confirm

you can put the HTTP post in a campaign and then set it to “send voicemessage” at a certain time?

In my situation specifically, the Owner of the company takes calls at certain times (M-F, 11-1:30)

If I can tell “a” system to call and leave a message - I will send you flowers.

If you put a delay timer in front of the HTTP post, it can/will delay until whatever time you want.
So if you wanted to say “Wait 5 minutes and run between 11-1:30”, then set up the HTTP post, the vm will be triggered and left during that window.

Is that what you are asking?


Yes - That’s exactly why!!!

But he takes calls in 30 minute increments, I would rather the voicemail be sent on the previous day.

I use Schedule Once and they are a “beast” of a system - They can probably do something like this - I figured I’d get your input first!