Hello all! I'm Rahsaan Giddings

Hello everyone! My name is Rahsaan Giddings, and I am very new to all of this. However, I am very excited, thankful, and humbled to be a part of such an awesome community of talented groups and individuals. Right now I am still in the learning stages and am still working on getting my business off the ground, so forgive me if I am not too active at first. I do eagerly look forward to working with so many of you and sharing great ideas and opportunities with you all! I just hope that I am able to positively contribute to this community in the most meaningful of ways!

What a humble and eloquent introduction! Welcome Rahsaan, you’re gonna love Infusionsoft. As you’re easing your way into things you might get some value out of these two videos from my YouTube channel:

Where does Infusionsoft fit?

The BIG Automation Misconception: