Health Coach Institute calls using TurboDial

I made several Health Coach Institute calls using TurboDial and need to edit my notes for those calls. Can someone tell me where to find those call on Infusionsoft?
I was told I could edit My TurboDial calls.
Thank you!

TurboDial calls are recorded as Notes on the contact record. You can go there and make whatever edits you may need to the note.

Thank you Jeff. But where do I find my imported contacts?

If you are somehow manually dialing from TurboDial, I don’t think that it creates a new contact record for you (I’m not 100% sure, though, as I’ve never tried that).
Generally, you are using TurboDial with an existing contact or contact list that is in the system.

You can contact TurboDial’s support team ( with the exact scenario and they can help you. They are very responsive.


Thank you Jeff. This contacts where imported by Health Coach Institute. I am one of their success coaches making calls to our students using TurboDial. In our training they mentioned that once we save our notes in TurboDial the record safes in Insusionsoft, and that we can sign in, search for the student and edit. I just don’t know who to search for the contact. According to the video tutorial I can click on the search symbol on the top right corner, but I don’t have that option. I wonder if that is for Admins only.

Ahhh … got it.
Sounds like your user permissions are limited, so that feature may not be available to you.

You would need to get with them to change that permission setting and then you should be able to search.

The other search method would be to click on ‘contacts’ from the main window and then do your search there (but again, if that’s restricted, you won’t see that, either).


Thank you very much Jeff.