Greetings from beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio!

Daniel Johnson Jr here. I’m Wellness Advocate/Digital Marketing Manager here at Go Beyond Medicine®.

We are a small, private medical practice located just south of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio in northern Kentucky and have been using Infusionsoft since October 2014.

When I say “we”, I primarily mean “me”. Our Practice Manager has been spending more time using the system, to add and update contact information as new leads come in via our web and phone.

My work with Infusionsoft here provides a good combination of Marketing and Technology.

I’ve used other CRM systems over the years, as an admin and as a power user. I’m probably biased from my recent experience in using the system, but I will say that Infusionsoft has been the most intuitive for me to pick up.

I plan to use my involvement in the Infusionsoft Community to solve our own problems as well as contribute whatever help I can.

Please reach out to connect with me if you’d like.

Make it a great day!

Daniel Johnson Jr.

Welcome, Daniel! Thanks for hanging out with us.

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