Google calendar syncing

I see plenty of questions as it relates to syncing google calendar to infusionsoft but I do not see many working answers.

Can someone please help or direct me to the right place?


It’s a known issue that they are working on.

It does use Google calendar/scheduling to schedule with the app but the times seem to have issues and they’re working on fixing that.

According to the threads is been an issue for a long time.

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The google scheduling hasn’t been in place very long. What you’ve read would be in regards to general scheduling but the google one is very very new

Just wondering if you know of any recent updates?
We’re wondering/trying to figure out if we can view Infusionsoft tasks in google calendar. Thank you.

I’m hearing that soon there is going to be some updates but I don’t know how deep they’re going to go. Full calendar syncing with Google/Infusionsoft is actually a sizable task so it may be that they only go one way like from IS to google, which can create some different problems depending on someones high level process. Hopefully it will come out sooner than later and we’ll all see :wink: