Getting Unable to get Saved Search Results on XMLRPC


We are using xml rpc api to get savedSearchResults. It was working well sometime before. But it is returning “[Unexpected] Unable to get Saved Search Results” on return.

Saved Searches are available on UI. It looks fine. But something wrong with the xml rpc api.

Can you check it?

Can you provide the application name that this error occurred on?

It is happening while we are getting our company lists from “xc195” application.

Hi @Prem_Kumar_R, I looked through the application logs but I don’t see any errors related to this saved search. If you continue experiencing the issue I would recommend contacting support as they will be better equipped to look into your issue.

Ok, Can you tell me? What are the reasons for this kind of message? Are we making anything wrong in the api call?

Have you made any changes in the api recently?

Can you show the request that you’re making that is giving you this error?

I’m not aware of any changes to this specific part of the API recently.


If a query is complex enough and as more data is in the app, the request for saved searches will often result in a timeout on the server side. To test this, setup a more simplified version of the saved search and see if that doesn’t resolve it. If it does, then based on the amount of data for the query, you’ll be limited to a certain lack of complexity for your saved searches when called through the api.


Actually, The Problem is “Company” Field. If i use Company field in the api request then only it is returning error, without the Company field it is working well. here is my request

$companies = $this->IS->call('search', 'getSavedSearchResults', array('<SearchID>'					// Saved Search ID
    , <UserID>					
    , $page					
    , array(	'Id',
        // 'Company',  // Don't enable this. API return error if we use it. Refer Issue NV-353 - transcript file

Can you tell me what type of saved search or report this is (Contact Search, specific report…etc)? It sounds like this might be a bug in the specific search/report that you’re using.

It is a Company Search Report

I’m guessing this is due to $userId <= 0. When you retrieve a list of saved search results, you must rewrite a “0,” or “-1” to a valid user id (>0) before calling the SearchService.