Getting error when using Oauth2

When trying to do the first step of the oAuth process, i get to the login screen then log in, but it just returns the error “There was a server error processing your request”

here is the url that is getting sent to.[my client id is here]&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2F[my domain is here]%2Finfusionsoft_auth_landing.php&response_type=code&scope=full

just to be safe i tried posting it from a form too but that just takes me to the dashboard so I’m pretty sure its a get

@Matthew_Treadway , I’m not sure what you mean by “posting it from a form”?

Per the documentation you provide a user interaction to send the user to the authorization page (in a web browser), the user performs a sign-in/up, chooses the application instance they want to allow access to, then the result is POSTed to your specified redirect URI. That POST object should contain the code property that can then be exchanged for your tokens.

The misconception here is often to mistaken the auth token for an access token…but there’s an additional step when compared to standard/basic auth. Here’s my vid on the process which should help.

@Matthew_Treadway see brad’s answer here.