Getting cURL errors recently?

Our company that handles our API Proxy (Mashery) droped TLS 1.0 a couple days ago. If you started getting connection errors from your http client (like cURL) it is very likely this is due to connecting to via TLS 1.0. Upgrade your client to fix the problem.

How do we do this? Can you send me a link or further instructions?

You would need to have someone upgrade your OpenSSL and TLS on your server. The steps to do this will vary by what server/company and what operating system the server is setup on. If you have a tech person that would normally handle this area, then that person will likely know what to do for your case.

I have a client using a plugin that uses the legacy Infusionsoft PHP ISDK API that started getting cURL errors since 26th June. No other clients using the plugin have this problem so it seems to be client-specific error.

CURL error: Failed to connect to port 443: No route to host : 8

Default SSL version on their server is TLS 1.2. The server connects fine to PayPal over TLS 1.2; it is only Infusionsoft that appears to be blocked

I have suggested their hosting company checks IPTABLES and tries to PING the sub-domain.

Do you have any other suggestions as to why the Infusionsoft connection would suddenly start failing from 26th June after having worked fine for several years?

Thanks in advance

Our API proxy dropped support for TLS 1.0 on the 28th, so your dates are a little earlier than that. This would only affect connections going to not directly to an app (, so I doubt it is related. Especially since you mentioned everything is setup for TLS 1.2. In addition to pings I would get a tracert if possible as well.

Thanks for your answer. It sounded similar to your issue.

Today we discovered the client VPS cannot PING the sub-domain: the response is destination host unreachable. The app subdomain is accessible and responds with the IP address from other sources : from my desktop, other servers, etc). However the VPS can PING

So at this stage it is looking like a VPS firewall issue. We are assuming the VPS is doing the blocking and not Infusionsoft

Ok, let us know how it goes or if you need anymore help.

Thanks Bradley.

The host flushed the IPTABLES and that removed the blocking of

It is all working again

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