Getting Campaign Goal Completion with API

Is there a way to get Campaign Goal Completion using API?
It seams like this List Campaigns has only the list of campaigns without goals.
The Campaign table from Table Schema is showing something totally different.
is there such a table that I can get info about Campaign Goal Completion?

Hi @sdirin_Dirin, you can retrieve campaign goals on individual campaigns by using the retrieve a campaign endpoint. Goals and sequences are optional properties so you will need to add the optional properties parameter in order to get goals like this: GET /campaigns/{campaignId}?optional_properties=goals .

Awesome thank you.
Now I need the completion date for each person and each goal that he completed.
How do I get that?

There isn’t a specific endpoint exposing that data. However, there is a report in the application called “Campaign Goal Completion” which should give you the data you need. It can be found under the Infusionsoft logo > Marketing > Reports > Campaign Goal Completion.

Once you have a version of the report saved with your criteria of choice, you can use the XML-RPC SearchService.getSavedSearchResults to get the results.

Yes but there is no way to choose dates of the report there. I can not change dates of saved report. That means that I have to correct the dates every time before new report. It would be easier to just get the data from web site.