FunnelService: Can't achieve goal?

I’m trying to add a contact to a certain campaign using an API goal, and it’s not working reliably.

Now, I’m not completely without leads, because on the contacts it’s failing to add to the campaign, I’m getting the following output (it’s from my own server logs, processed as JSON, but hopefully the structure is familiar to someone here):

2018-02-14T17:43:25.381Z Funnel result: {
success: true,
msg: ‘’,
funnelId: (funnel ID),
goalId: (goal ID),
[ { success: false,
msg: ‘Funnel.event.flow.notstarted’,
flowId: (flow ID) } ],
[ { success: false,
msg: ‘No Sequences were configured to be stopped by this Goal.’,
flowId: 0 } ] }

Now, the success:false under flowStop is expected and normal (because, as the error message clearly states, “No Sequences were configured to be stopped by this Goal.”). What ISN’T expected is the success:false under flowStart. I can’t figure out why it’s not starting the flow as requested. What does “Funnel.event.flow.notstarted” even mean?

And why does it sometimes work, sometimes not work?

And that the overall action reads as “success:true” confuses the code I wrote to ensure it went through-- I guess I’ll need it to deeply inspect the flowStart array.

Hi @Chuck_Reed, generally you will see Funnel.event.flow.notstarted when a contact is in a campaign sequence that has additional items left to process. Once the contact reaches the end of the sequence, it will be in a queued status for a period of time. If the contact is in the queued status you will be able to achieve the goal and have the contact restart the sequence.

I would check to see if the contact your using is already in the campaign. Check the Campaign tab on the contact record to see if there are any Upcoming Campaign Items. If there are, that’s likely why you’re seeing that message.

I believe the overall success parameter indicates whether the request was successfully processed. In your case it was successfully processed but the result of it was that the contact was unable to start the sequence.