From Email Address through REST API

Pretty sure the answer is no but…

Any way to have an email come from the User’s Email Address 2 rather than their primary email address?

So you’re asking in the api q&a so I’m assuming you mean by api call?

If so then yes you can…you first have to read the contact and get the email address you want, and then you can call the email api method using that email address for the send to address.

Hey John,

Thanks for the followup - I’m talking about changing the from email address for the email so it’s the user_id record rather than the ID from the contact record.

There are two email address in the user account records so I’m wondering if I can switch to the secondary address.

But WHERE are you wanting to do this? You’re asking in the api forum but the question sounds like you’re referring to sending emails directly from IS and not with the api

Yes, through the REST api

It appears that I can submit a “From” email address through the old XML-RPC api but the from address in the REST api comes from the user_id submitted with the request. I’d like to use the email address from the email address 2 field rather than the standard email address

Ok, so with REST that’s your only option I believe. You can do it as I described with the XML-RPC but REST doesn’t include all the same functions (maybe they’ll add them later but at this time I don’t know of a REST method that will allow sending by anything but the ContactId.