Using REST API to OptIn a Contact?

Is it possible to OptIn a Contact for marketing with the REST API? We’ve built a small web app which collects emails from users who wish to join our list. We are using the API to create these Contacts instead of an embedded webform to improve the UX within our app.

I see that there is an OptIn method in the XML API, but is there an equivalent in the REST API?

Thanks so much!

Hi @Chris_Marshall,

The REST implementation is still in development and the optin function has yet to be added. Unless, of course, it’s something that hasn’t reached documentation yet but I haven’t heard anything.

Thanks, @John_Borelli. Do you know of any other way to opt-in contacts programatically?

As you already noted, the current api or the iSDK both have optin methods for this that only require the email address. That would be what I would do if I needed optin and was using REST.