FileBox ftp questions

Is it possible for system admin to download File Box files using ftp as an alternative to going through the API where, essentially, you have to request one file at a time. I have a lot of files. I am kind of resigned to doing it this way even though it seems unnecessary.

Second, how are the data files actually stored on the back-end. Are they stored in the database or in the file system?

Third, REST API seems to produce a significantly larger list of files than XML-RPC in my instance. This does not lend confidence.

Thanks to anyone who would like to comment. Very much appreciated.

Good afternoon @Carter_Taylor!

The FileBox API stores the file data in a variety of locations based on the type of content it is: some items, such as company logos, go to our CDN, while secure downloads go to our on-site storage, some are directly stored in the database as blob data and others are stored in our cloud provider’s store. As such, we can not offer FTP access to FileBox files.

The XML-RPC API is a legacy feature and will not be receiving updates, but we’re always looking at ways to improve our REST API to provide more functionality. The result set that you see in the REST FileBox endpoint is the intended accessible list going forward, regardless of our previous offerings, and hopefully gives you more data to work with.