Export or List Files in Contact Filebox

Hello! We have been storing contracts and proposals in a contact’s Filebox (which has been great), but we are changing up how we organize our contracts and proposals and need to export these files from the contact record. Unfortunately, we probably have close to a thousand contacts who have contracts and proposals, so it would be incredibly time-consuming to go into each contact record and download the files individually. Is there a way that we can just export the files with the individual contact record?

Our other problem is that we have 10’s of thousands of contacts, but less than a thousand of those have contracts and proposals (some are just marketing leads, others we added before we started adding contracts to the contact record). If we have to download the files individually, we would need a way to know which contact record has a file in their filebox. Is there any way we can do this?

Thank you for the help!


Unfortunately I am not aware of a way of mass downloading or locating files. It might be possible via the API, but I can’t answer that one, sorry.

Have you asked support?

Thanks for the response. I have asked support and they simply said that they weren’t aware of any way of doing it. Hopefully someone will have suggestions from the API side of things!

Thanks again,

I have not heard of something that could do that. Using the API you can query the Contact Record and obtain the Filebox files.

If you do not know how to use the API, then you will need a developer to do this for you.

@John_Borelli, do you know of a tool that may help here, or if you made one in the past?

NovakSolutions’ CloudBackup tool has an add-on that lets us pull the FileBox and give you a zip archive with all of the files in it. You can contact us for more info: support@novaksolutions.com


@Jordan_Novak That is very helpful! I am sure I could work with the API to get the list, but it would probably cost more in my time than just using the tool :slight_smile: Thank you!

So that’s a tough one because the IS UI doesn’t even allow for an export of the list, HOWEVER, REST api can get a list of all contacts with files, the names of the files and the download links (along with date created, filename etc).

If a csv file was created with that information then it would just be a matter of using the links to download the files with.

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