Exporting a list

I’ve exported a list of contacts from a saved search I did, however thenotes are not being downloaded into the excel spreadsheet when I export. I’ve checked that I’ve tagged them prior to exporting but still no sign of any of the notes linked to the contacts. Can anyone help please as to why this is happening?

If you checked ‘contact notes’ that is the field that is on the Person Notes tab in the contact record - not actual ‘notes’ that are added to the record — the notes that show in the ‘notes’ section on the ‘task’ tab of the contacts main page.

In order to get them you need to run a Task Note report from the admin - reports section of your account and then do a cross-reference in excel.

Thanks Jeff, appreciate the response. Seems rather complicated to have to run a separate report and do a cross-reference just to pull notes linked to a contact, or am I missing how simple that is to do?

You aren’t missing anything - It’s not simple, unfortunately.