Feature Request - Introductions

I frequently introduce a contact to another contact. It is a bit of a manual process. It would be an incredible feature if we could pull up a contact, click the 3 dots for other, and have the option to click “introduce to another contact.” Then you would put in the name of the other contact and it would prepopulate certain fields into a simple email introduction like this one below. Of course you could customize it to add more details, but this would save a tremendous amount of time.

My guess is that this could be an automation, but I know I’m not the only person doing introductions like this. It would be a great feature!

[Contact 1] it is my pleasure to introduce you to [Contact 2]. They are a [business title] for [company] and can be reached at: [email] or [phone].

[Contact 1 is a [business title] for [company] and can be reached at [email] or [phone].

I believe there may be fantastic ways for you to work together.

[Signature Block]