Export list of unsubscribed newsletter contacts

I followed the instructions for exporting a list of contacts (Export data from Keap | Max Classic) that had unsubscribed, this amounted to 502 records.
When I hit process the data I get doesn’t show any results
What am I doing wrong?

Before you hit the Actions button to export, be sure to click the top selectin box (see image)


Thanks John, that was a ‘doh’ moment
next one for you, how can I produce a list of just the people who have opted-out as opposed to a custom field we have of unsubscribed?

Hey, @Rich_Olsen There is a report called, Email Status Search that lets you filter contacts by that. Marketing > Reports > Email Status Search


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Hi Martin
Thank you for this
The only issue with this report is that there are multiple instances of the same contact record - any ideas how I can get it to just show one contact record?