Eventbrite sync

What’s the best method to sync Eventbrite activity to IFS? OR - Is it advisable to use IFS for ticket sales?

I don’t know about the “best” way to handle this, but I’ve used Zapier in the past to sync Eventbrite registrations through to Infusionsoft, and trigger follow-up and reminders about the events.

Zapier is an awesome tool, so if you end up using it for this you might end up finding a dozen other uses for it as well.


Thanks, I set up Zapier to sync… now waiting for the next person to purchase a ticket :slight_smile:


The problem with Zapier and this is that it won’t pull in order info - so if you create an order zap it shows in IS as unpaid and balance due. Does anyone know how to fix that issue?


Zapier has always had the order weakness. A solution I had come up with for someone some time back was to trigger a webhook when a new order was created and then automatically (with the api) set a manual payment on that order. Not sure of any other method that might work.

Hmm - thanks - the thing is the manual order would have to be for
$0 as they have paid in EventBrite - so it would help in that it
would show as paid but it couldn’t show the amount paid, right?
And you can set up an action to process a manual payment either… Or are you talking a webhook customization or…?

The manual payment would show as a manual payment for whatever the balance was, meaning, it would leave a balance of $0 so that it wouldn’t think there was a balance to attempt charging for. This also lends itself to using that data for reporting then as well.

But this is coded, yes - not an action set in IS to create an
order as it can’t for manual? And then the bookkeeping would have
to stay in EB as well so they would have in two places, the events
v. products, etc. yes?

It depends on what’s needed. You can have a two way integrations built that would handle both directions then it wouldn’t matter where the information started, it would always be reflected in the other system…again, it’s really based on needs :wink:

Yes I understand - it is the custom coding expense, etc that my clients would obv like to avoid - shame the zap doesn’t work correctly… thx!


You may want to look at PIeSync.

It is more of a 2-way synchronization tool, but if that is the main goal (just keeping things synced up), it may be worth a shot. They have a 14 day free trial, so you could test it to see if it does what you need.


PieSync isn’t a bad suggestion, but it seems to only cover contact data and something like EventBrite uses much more information.

I wish I had a ready made solution for you but to manage all the details you’d need, the only solution I know of is the cost prohibitive one of a custom coded integration.

John, I am curious what you think of Automate, it covers order, organizer, registration and event data from Eventbrite.

I don’t have any experience with it but it looks like they’ve broken things down way more than necessary and the only reason I can see for this is to maximize their cost for use. I doubt I’d use them if I could just create the integration I needed anyway. But it’s really going to depend on what information/actions you need vs what they offer too.