EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What impact is GDPR going to have for Infusionsoft email lists? would love to know your thoughts Adele

Hi, Adele. Here is the latest post regarding GDPR from Infusionsoft in case you haven’t seen it.

thanks Martin so as an Infusionsoft user, my obligation is to set up a double opt in to be safe. Is that correct? Adele

Hello there! When will be Infusionsoft be implementing all that is asked by the EU General Data Protection Regulation?

The new law will be fully working in Europe from the 25th of May so we need to have all the changes implemented BEFORE that date.

When we ask through the chat, the only answer we get is “very soon”. That doesn’t work for us. We need a deadline from Infusionsoft so we can apply all the changes in our company and be ready before the 25th of may.

Can someone from Infusionsoft who truly know the state of this issue answer my question?

Hi there. I just combined these two conversations to make things easier. We are working on an update to help answer these questions. We are shooting for under 2 weeks. @Adele_Stickland, we can’t answer the obligation question without first going through legal, so that is being researched now. @Laura_Ribas, I’ll let you know as soon the update is ready to be released so you have an ETA as soon as we have one available.

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Thank you

When do you think that’ll be more or less. This month?

@Laura_Ribas, One to two weeks was the ETA I was given.

Hello again @martinc

I also need to know (my lawyer is asking me):

1.- if Infusionsoft is a member of the Privacy Shield and if it can prove that they are.
2.- If Infunsionsoft can sign a Data Processor contract.
3. How is the issue of including check boxes of acceptance of terms and policies in our optin

Thank you!

Hi, @Laura_Ribas. Please have your attorney review our pages that cover our data security policy.

Any request for documentation (proof) or a signature requests should go to our Data Protection Officer - I already gave them the heads up to expect an email from you.

@Adele_Stickland, @Laura_Ribas I was just OK’d to share this document with everyone. This will be going on the main site this week.

Infusionsoft - GDPR Info Sheet (2018-02-24).pdf (270.2 KB)

Does this update include being able to access, delete and anonymize customer data?

How can these actions be completed currently?

@Marketing_Click_Go, your first question is answered in the GDPR Info Sheet linked above your post. I pasted that section here…

Is Infusionsoft building new software features to help me comply with the GDPR?

Yes, we’re planning to release new features to help users manage their compliance with a
number of key pain points in the law. This includes a set of features to help Infusionsoft users
manage the basis of processing (such as consent management) for their contacts, to make it
easy to anonymize personal data (i.e., the right to be forgotten), and a customizable “block list”
feature to help ensure that if someone asks you to never process their personal data, that their
personal data can’t be re-imported into your application. These features will help our users to
comply with many of their fundamental obligations under the GDPR.

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Can we have a detailed list of features Infusionsoft will be adding to help us comply with GDPR (surely it makes no sense to keep them secret).
And some indication of when we can expect them please?

HubSpot have done a nice job of informing their customers of what they can expect. Would be nice oif Infusionsoft could be as helpful for us.

Thank you, @Greg_Elliott. There is a longer document currently being worked on that I will be turning into a more in-depth help article soon. I requested we add a detailed product roadmap if possible.

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Can you confirm that you are applying for Privacy Shield? You will not be GDPR compliant unless you have that…

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When will these tools/software features be available?

[Edit] We have completed everything internal for GDPR compliance and will be soon releasing tools to ease the burden on customers. We are also looking at other compliance guidelines and I will update here with more information as soon as I learn more.

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I have the feature list. I’m just waiting on the official thumbs up to release it with all the timelines.

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I am interested to see what happens in terms of the GDPR, we have been working on becoming compliant to the changes, and have recently with our sister company which use MailChimp been able to automate a GDPR specific email to the full database for them to OPT back into our mailing system, which has then given us a new clean list which is GDPR compliant and automated all signup forms to allow for the changes.

Can you confirm whether Infusion Soft will be implementing anything similar, or will it be a case of manually going through our system to organise this?

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