EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Any updates on this?

@Alicia_Ward, The GDPR Checklist is supposed to go live today or tomorrow. @Steve_Clarke, there is a GDPR Helper campaign live in the marketplace that is included as part of the checklist. Here are the instructions for the campaign.

[UPDATE] It will go to partners first, then all customers on Wednesday


The campaign looks terrific, @martinc! What are your thoughts as to adding the “Consent Request for GDPR” tag to all contact records or just those who are known to be residing in the European Union?

If you collect and store personal information and your lead generation reach includes citizens in the European Union, I would consider applying GDPR rules to my whole database. I think the bigger your list, the wider your reach, the more complex your data-set, hence the more difficult it will be to properly segment those contacts in the EU without making any mistakes…that’s just my opinion though.

I agree, @martinc. Our database is probably 99% US but our info-marketing clients are all over. So this is going to be a great start to getting them up to compliance. Thanks!

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@martinc this is just what I was looking for, thank you for keeping us all updated. I will get this actioned straight away.

We have already started using tagging for our new sign up forms so this will allow us to become fully compliant.

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Wow that was so easy, infact even easier than the Mailchimp version and I thought those guys knew how to make things easy.

All edited and set up in 15mins and have just updated all 7591 clients with the tag to start the campaign.

Massive thanks Martin and the rest of the Infusionsoft team, this has made my life so much eaiser.

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The pre-built campaign is wonderful. But how are people implementing it for a segment of your list that doesn’t speak English? We have a German segment from our German headquarters. Typically all my campaigns include a decision diamond that is associated with a question as to which language they speak.

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It doesn’t seem that Infusionsoft is yet listed in the PrivacyShield database. Privacy Shield . Is this planned?


IS has provided that as a base that can be built upon and modified. You know the details of what you need and one campaign cannot cover everyones needs. Feel free to modify it in a way that will suit your model.

For Infusionsoft + Woocommerce users, GDPR Toolkit has been released. It includes:

  • Setting up Explicit Terms and Conditions in the Checkout Page

  • Targeting GDPR implementations only to EU Countries

  • Cookie Consent - GDPR considers cookies as identifiable data

  • Personal Data Management - allows user to view, update their data

  • Data Portability - feature where users can download their data (You can choose Infusionsoft / Woocommerce Fields to consider personal data)

  • Explicit Consent Checkboxes - allows you to build data processing consent checkboxes so that users can clearly choose data processing topics they want to subscribe

  • Tokenized Links - InfusedWoo allows you to use tokenized links so that users can easily manage their preferences in just one click and can be embedded in emails.

  • Data Cleanup - cleans up database to remove analytics data InfusedWoo added in the past that contains identifiable data.