Error when authenticating user email/password

I’m sometimes getting this error:
Error - exception ‘fXmlRpc\Exception\ResponseException’ with message '[FailedLoginAttempt]Invalid username and/or password
when using the xmlrpc API to authenticate a user’s Keap ID and Password. This happens only with one user in one specific account - ej227. The issue is intermittent - sometimes it succeeds and sometimes the above error is returned even though the exact same User ID and Password are provided in each case.
Other users in ej227 are not seeing the error and other accounts are not seeing the error.

This is driving the user crazy and of course he believes the fault lies in my app.

Is Keap aware of this issue and is a resolution in the works?

This isn’t anything we’ve had reported elsewhere. I would suggest opening a ticket with specifics through our Advanced Support team to investigate, but if it’s intermittent then it may be hard to track down and identify for a fix, if one is required.

Thanks, I submitted a ticket 02689764.
I agree about the difficulty in investigating - only 1 user in 1 app is affected, and even then it’s intermittent.