An HTTP error occurred: Forbidden

I am receiving this error. not sure why? it was working for sometime and this happens.
All Clients I have is now experiencing this error.
Am i being throttled? Token is also not expired

fXmlRpc\Exception\HttpException’ with message ‘An HTTP error occurred: Forbidden’ in /home2/midsweb/public_html/ Stack trace: #0 /home2/midsweb/public_html/ fXmlRpc\Exception\HttpException::httpError(‘Forbidden’, 403) #1 /home2/midsweb/public_html/ fXmlRpc\Transport\HttpAdapterTransport->send(‘https://api.inf…’, 'call(‘ContactService…’, Array) #3 /home2/midsweb/public_html/ Infusionsoft\Http\InfusionsoftSerializer->request(‘ContactService…’, ‘https://api.inf…’, Array, Object(Infusionsoft\Http\GuzzleHttpClient)) #4 /home2/midsweb/public_html/

Are you still seeing this issue today? From what I understand you should only receive a 403 when using XML-RPC if your token is expired or there is a temporary issue with our API proxy Mashery.