Error Handler When Creating New Contact Record

This afternoon our funnel scripts started throwing an API error. We’re using the XML API …

$data = [
‘Email’ => ‘’,

$contact = $infusionsoft->contacts(‘xml’)->add($data);

We’re seeing the following response…

( ! ) Infusionsoft\Http\HttpException: [DatabaseError]Error adding: [DatabaseError]Error adding: null in /web/realesta/vendor/infusionsoft/php-sdk/src/Infusionsoft/Http/InfusionsoftSerializer.php on line 34

This line is from the error handler

throw new HttpException($e->getMessage(), $e->getCode(), $e);

Any idea why this is happening all of a sudden? All other API requestions are working, its just the contact service.

The database error message indicates that your script is attempting to insert a null into a column marked non-null. I would suggest adding logging to trap your request and it’s response, as there is probably some value there that your script is not expecting.

Thanks @TomScott . I created a test script and am returning the try catch response to the screen. The only thing returned from infusion is the message “[DatabaseError]Error adding: [DatabaseError]Error adding: null”. We’re passing the email as an array like we always have and should be the only required field. I’m still stumped.

Hello @TomScott . I passed all the fields from the contact table and it appears EmailAddress2 is now required. As soon as I pass that in the data array the add contact works. I don’t see any setting in Infusion where we can change the required fields so I’m wondering if this is something that changed on Infusions end.

I’m looking at this from our side too, checking to see if someone made a change at a lower level than our team normally touches it. I’ll respond by tomorrow morning with an update.

We’ve been experiencing this same issue since this morning. I created a ticket and even posted it in the forum here. Look like someone else is having the same issue.

Thanks for reporting this issue to us!

Tom tracked down the source of this problem, and we are currently deploying a fix. API behavior will be restored within the next 60 minutes.