Emoji Support in Note Titles

Dear Keap Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently integrating Keap API for our application’s note creation feature and have encountered a couple of issues that I hope you can assist with:

  1. Emoji Support in Note Titles: When attempting to include emojis in the titles of notes created via the Keap API, the emojis do not appear as expected. Instead, the text representation of the emoji code (e.g., :arrow_right:) is displayed. Here is an example of the payload being sent:

“body”: “This is a test note with an emoji in the title”,
“title”: “:arrow_right: 360 Integrations - Chat”,
“contact_id”: 123456789,
“type”: “Other”,
“user_id”: 987654321

Despite the emoji being properly encoded, it does not display correctly in Keap. Could you please advise on how to correctly include emojis in note titles so they render properly?

Thank you for your time and assistance. Looking forward to your response.

Best regards

Good morning Daniel,

At this time emojis are not supported consistently across all of our products. There is no workaround via the API currently.


  • Tom Scott
    Keap API Engineer

Ok, I used unicode like your team told me, Unicode - Compart