Embedding an Order From into my Wix Website

I embedded a WebForm into my wix website and it works great and looks great, but then I tried to embed an order form and it’s not working, It displays the first part where you can see the product and the quantity, but as soon as I press “pay with credit card” it does not work .I spoke with both Wix support and Keap support and it sounds like I might need a custom HTML code for this order form to get it to work? Is that possible? Or is there anyother reason why the cred card part might not be working?

I’ve never had success with embedding an order form inside another site due to the security features related to working with credit cards.
The web forms are designed to be embedded, but the order forms are not. They are designed to be used as a free-standing URL that you drive people to.

If you are looking to make the forms have better visual appeal, you could try a service like GoSpiffy.

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