E-Commerce: How to Create New Transaction

Are there any hooks for creating a new transaction in IS Ecommerce?

Example Use Case:
We are working with a 3rd party LMS which creates new transactions. Our sales team will need to know when a new purchase is made through the 3rd party LMS. I would like to capture this information (e.g. transaction id, purchase amount, etc.) of a transaction from the 3rd party LMS and pull this into Infusionsoft and associate it with a contact.

Can this be done with the current hooks provided in the Infusionsoft API? These are the only GET hooks that I can see for E-commerce:

  • List Orders
  • Retrieve an Order
  • Retrieve Order Transactions
  • Retrieve Custom Order Model
  • Retrieve Subscription Model
  • List Transactions
  • Retrieve a Transaction

I assume this would be a POST hook needed. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @Nathan, currently we do not have a way to create a transaction via REST api, but the team is currently working on this functionality. We do have a REST Hook event that will notify you when a payment has been added to an invoice. The hook event type for this should be invoice.payment.add. Currently this returns the incorrect transaction id but we have a fix underway. I will update you within the next couple days to let you know when the fix has been deployed.

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Thanks, are there any examples of using this method? I have a developer much more familiar with making such calls, but it would be helpful if there is a list or resource of what event types we could use.

Would this be an example of an REST Hook call?

Make a GET call to the ‘list hook event types’ REST endpoint and it will give you a list of the currently available ones:


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@John_Borelli and @Carlos_Ochoa Thank you for your help.

John, I’m watching your video on OAuth and Infusionsoft. Thank you for making this video. Thank you also for this.

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