Duplicate/Copy/Clone an opportunity

So I had several opportunities I needed to put in for one of my contacts, are there plans to introduce a clone option so we can clone an opportunity as this will save valuable time? I look forward to your response.

I would recommend sharing this with our product team via our official feedback form @ https://infusionsoft.com/tellus. Try to include info on how this would help and save time, and the conveniences that a clone feature for opportunities would have for you. We have been making a number of updates to the software, each month, based off of customer feedback we have received.

Thank you for the response. I tried clicking on the link you shared to give my official feedback using the form however have the below error message.

Oops. I apologize for that. it is case sensitive, and I accidentally put a capital T in tellus. I have edited my post to reflect the correct link. https://infusionsoft.com/tellus

PERFECT THANK YOU - all complete


Under it’s current design, you do not want to just clone opportunities. Infusionsoft cannot tell the difference between one or the other and users might not be able to tell by looking at the name if it’s the same as all the other clones. Programmaticly it can be managed, but out of the box, you will find it nearly impossible.

As Village hotels we have a set format for each opportunity with the date of each one so even though its exactly the same meeting me may need to enter it 10 times as it repeats so by having a clone button this would then only mean we would need to edit the dates and would save us time and money.