Do not save cancelled appointments


I have API running and i need to know how not to save infusion appointments that are cancelled. I have action description in Appointment tab which says cancelled but all of them get saved in db …i only want appointments which were paid not cancelled

Hi @Nidhi_sharma This depends on how the appointments are getting cancelled. In infusionsoft, you can either delete appointments or mark them as completed. I am afraid I may be misunderstanding your question. If you handle the booking of appointments outside of infusionsoft, you would want to make sure that these are synced by either an add/update or delete DataService call.

Thank you for reply. My connection is through schedule-once. Cancelled appointments are saved in database. you are right we have to filter it before sending to database. But was wondering if there is way to disable them in infusionsoft.

Hey @Nidhi_sharma, there are a few ways to remove these appointments in the Infusionsoft app. One way is via the “My Day” calendar as show here. You can also navigate to a contact record, and open the appointment you wish to remove, then click the “delete” button.

There is no disabling appointments specifically, instead the lock out is more global and would affect other api calls. I suggest reaching out to schedule-once to see what they can do prior to the appointment being sent to Infusionsoft, as it does not make sense to keep cancelled appointments.

We do have a way to delete appointments, which schedule-once can use to remove those “cancelled” appointments.

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Thank you Carlos. I made a query in report which resolved it.