How to import and sync contacts that have been booked onto my Google Calendar to my Infusionsoft calendar

I had my email account synced with Appointment Core and Infusion soft. Leads scheduled calls and got booked to my Google Calendar, but no contacts showed up in Infusionsoft.

Now I’m trying to sync the Google Calendar to the Infusionsoft Calendar and import those contacts to Infusion soft, so that I’m able to stage them in opportunities etc…

Does anybody know how to solve this issue?


There isn’t a way to sync Google Calendar to Infusionsoft calendar at this time. With AppointmentCore, you can set up the ‘additional features’ on the 3rd page of the calendar link configuration to add people from AC to Infusionsoft automatically (on future appointments).

Not sure how you had your contact added to your calendar, but you could export your appointments to a CSV file and then filter data out of that.

You can also export your appointment history from AppointmentCore — under your Account Settings & Extension and then the ‘manage appointments’ tab on the left. There is a ‘download’ button on the top right of the page.

Hope that helps.