Description Field for Upsell Promo

Has anyone else noticed that InfusionSoft has removed the description field for the Upsell Promotions?
I have had a trouble ticket in with IS for a month now because one of my client accounts doesn’t provide a description field anymore on any upsell promo’s. I contacted support this morning and they basically said that description fields are only available on their legacy systems. Any new account will have the description field missing. The tech also had no answer on how to add a description to an upsell. To me this is unbelievable! Upsells now only allow for a title and price with no description as to what the upsell is for.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so how were you able to get around this issue?

Unfortunately this is causing my client to rethink using InfusionSoft at all and is considering the “other” options for CRM.