Deleting a quote

Is there a way to delete a quote from the system? We’ve been searching for a good way to send custom offers without creating discount codes or special bundles, what we have been using is quotes as you can set it up so the client pays directly from the quote if they accept. This seems to be a poor choice as there is no way to delete the quote or set an expiration for it. Please let me know if any of you have figured out a way to delete a quote or just a better way to send an offer to a client via email where you can give it an expiration date.

For background, we will often give the client a discount for purchasing multiple products but it’s not a set discount it changes regularly based on the time of the year and the items in the bundle.

I just spoke to Infusionsoft tech support, and apparently there is a known issue currently around deleting quotes. I have a ticket open now, the number is #00363992. Feel free to append your info to my case and help them get to the bottom of it!

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Good to know, @Greg_Jenkins. I always thought it was designed to not allow deletions so I’m almost glad it’s a known issue :slight_smile:

Please let me know the process for appending my information to you case and
I will do it ASAP. It may be that there is a better way to send a custom
quote but I can’t find it. If this is the best there is then they should
also add an expiration option to make it a more functional selling tool.

Call or chat into Infusionsoft support and reference the ticket number I mentioned above (00363992).
They should be able to attach your info, and keep us both updated.

So I just requested that they add it to ticket 00363992, not sure if they
will, they just said they would add my suggestion that they add the ability
to delete along with setting an expiration date for the quote.

I asked someone at InfusionSoft about it about 6 months ago as well and
they didn’t say it was a known issue, they just said the same thing as the
person I was just messaging with, the system doesn’t allow us to delete the
quote. It’s interesting that you got someone who says it’s a known issue
they are working on.

Yeah, sadly, it’s entirely possible that the person I was talking to didn’t know what they were saying.