Delete an Email Record - REST API - Not Working

It seems like the delete api function is not working…
I am able to use the “Sent Id” to retrieve the email just fine but, when I use the exact same id to delete the email I am given this lovely error:

 "message": "emailSentId is invalid"

Is anyone else having the same issue? Am I missing something here?

Could you give us the full content of the request you are making, and the app id that you are making it against?


Sure! Let me clarify what I am doing first!

I very rarely have to use the delete email function. So, instead of building out anything I have used the interactive REST docs to do the work for me. (I am a bit lazy! :smile: )

That said the full request is:

The application ID in question is: sp448.

I even tried it this morning and I get the same error:

But when I try and retrieve the email it works just fine:


Also, I have tried updating the email in question and I get this response:

However, I am a full admin.

Maybe I am missing something. So, I hope you can help!

– Dillan

Okay, looks like you’ve indeed got a bug there, our support rep has logged a ticket to get it addressed.


Hey @TomScott ,

Not to bring any urgency but is there any news on this front? Just hit this roadblock developing something for a new process in our company and wasn’t sure how else to approach it.


I dug back through our ticketing system and found this note from a developer on the report:

It’s missing from the documentation but the delete email endpoint is only intended to be used for emails that were created via the Create an Email endpoint. We do not allow customers to delete emails that were sent from within the Infusionsoft UI.

It looks like from the code that it should be throwing an access denied to it, rather than an invalid.

Since the code change is just have been to make the error messaging more informative, rather than functionality, it appears to be low on the priority list.

Not a problem Tom, thanks for the heads-up regarding it being an endpoint-specific functionality, I understand docs can be a bit nightmare-ish to maintain sometimes!